Infiniti hybrids are horrible!

This is a public service announcement to anyone out there interested in a hybrid. Infiniti does not know how to make them. I had an Infiniti Q35h and have driven the more recent versions of their “h” models and they are extremely poorly designed. The shape of the cars is beautiful. The interiors are well-appointed and luxurious, but the drivetrains are AWFUL. You most likely won’t realize it when you test drive the car (I didn’t), but the blend of a 6 to 8 speed with an electric motor that Infiniti has concocted is absolutely painful for anyone expecting a smooth ride. There is some sort of disconnect between the two such that every so often- just often enough to be infuriating- there will be a giant thump during acceleration. There were times with my Q35h that I thought someone had rammed into the car from behind. There was a loud crash as the car would stall for a second and then lurch forward.

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